In service to the international trade community worldwide, IIEI Certification develops test instruments, and provides testing services and awards through its IIEI Certification Board industry certification to those who meet the prescribed standards. It continually monitors activities within the international trade industry to determine changing certification needs.

(Revised April 3, 2013)
IIEI Certification Vision



IIEI Certification envisions a world where trade between all nations and people safely flows unimpeded. Where all members of the global trade community meet the same high standards with respect to the knowledge, skill sets and ethics that enable them to confidently participate and prosper as members of the global marketplace.


Objective for IIEI Certification Volunteer Advisor Groups:

To serve as a safe-haven to professionals within the international trade industry, allowing open discussion and scholarship, free of outside influence, pertaining to standardization of international trade practices, identification of best practices and offering the recommendations for industry standards that serve as the basis for the IIEI Certification program.