Certified Exporter® (CE)

Ideal for people seeking to begin a career in international trade.

Identify export trends and understand international market research and entry. Explore fundamental methods of logistics and distribution when moving goods in a foreign market. Recognize proper pricing of goods within international markets and examine the various payment methods available. Implement the vast terminology of international trade and understand the importance and requirement of proper documentation. Individuals seeking this certification course will find it a valuable resource and building block for a career in international trade. Demonstrate to employers that you possess essential knowledge and skills required for a career in international trade.

Certified Exporter® (CE) Knowledge Requirements PDF

Certification Level: Beginner

Certification Examination: Two-Hour Proctored Examination

Certified Exporter® (CE) Exam Cost: $230.00



What is the process for taking the (CE) exam?

1) Participate in Preparation Training /or/ Study Knowledge Requirements

2) Locate an acceptable impartial 3rd party Proctor

3) Fill Out Test Site Application

4) Make Exam Payment

5) Prepare for Exam

6) After Successfully Passing Your (CE) Exam

The requirements for keeping your certification current are earning (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) before your Certification Expiration date.  You must complete (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) every Five (5) years. Read more about CEUs here.

(CE) Exam: $230.00
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