Certified International Trade Finance Specialist® (CITFS)

Sophisticated and practical applications of international finance principles and strategies.

Explores the export/import arena by identifying current trends in global exporting, recognize proper prices of goods in an international market, understand the risks involved with the various payment methods used and recognize how small businesses can compete with large corporations in today’s market. Examine global ethics in business, and management’s need and use of international financial information. Evaluates international monetary policies, examines foreign exchange markets and forecast foreign exchange rates. This program studies the complexities of international banking, money markets, futures and options on the foreign exchange along with interest rates and currency swaps. The individual seeking this certification will obtain an in-depth, well rounded knowledge of global finance and claim the company role as the international finance specialist.

Certified International Trade Finance Specialist® (CITFS) Knowledge Requirements PDF

Certification: Intermediate

Certification Examination: Four Hour Proctored Examination

Certified International Trade Finance Specialist® (CITFS) Exam Cost: $285.00


What is the process for taking the (CTIFS) exam?

1) Participate in Preparation Training /or/ Study Knowledge Requirements

2) Locate a Proctor

3) Fill Out Test Site Application

4) Make Exam Payment

5) Prepare for Exam

6. After Successfully Passing Your (CITFS) Exam

The requirements for keeping your certification current are earning (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) before your Certification Expiration date.  You must complete (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) every Five (5) years. Read more about CEUs here.

(CITFS) Exam: $285.00
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