Certified International Trade Logistics Specialist® (CITLS)

An in-depth synopsis of International Supply Chain Management (SCM) concentrating on the exporting/importing environment.

Recognizes how warehousing can be used as a competitive advantage in the global supply chain. Identifies the need for accurate documentation to comply with logistic and government regulations, assesses international logistic issues and the various challenges with SCM.  Analyze and assess technological needs in warehousing, understand how to design and layout a warehouse based on the demand it serves, and utilize the resources and classroom discussions as relevant material that can be incorporated in the workplace..  The individual seeking the CITLS certification demonstrates to their employer they are committed to advancing their company’s logistics needs and demonstrating to potential employers they possess detailed knowledge and skills required to move goods efficiently through the international supply chain.

Certified International Trade Logistics Specialist® (CITLS) Knowledge Requirements PDF

Certification: Intermediate

Certification Examination: Four Hour Proctored Examination

Certified International Trade Logistics Specialist® (CITLS) Exam Cost: $285.00


What is the process for taking the (CTILS) exam?

1) Participate in Preparation Training /or/ Study Knowledge Requirements

2) Locate a Proctor

3) Fill Out Test Site Application

4) Make Exam Payment

5) Prepare for Exam

6) After Successfully Passing Your (CITLS) Exam

The requirements for keeping your certification current are earning (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) before your Certification Expiration date.  You must complete (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) every Five (5) years. Read more about CEUs here.

(CITLS) Exam: $285.00
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