Certified International Trade Manager® (CITM)

International trade industry’s superior managerial standards within the industry covering, logistics, marketing, documentation and finance along with a demonstrated mastery to oversee global strategic management and design of a global business plan.

The Certified International Trade Manager® (CITM) is the highest level of industry certification that demonstrates the ability to implement an advanced plan for global strategic management.

This manager will develop a current and practical strategy for the import/export environment, with a focus on global Supply Chain Management (SCM), warehousing design and technologies, to logistic demands and issues of moving products in a foreign market.

Facilitate controls on international trade documentation and utilize organizational skills to monitor and improve company wide compliance, regarding government regulations and procedures with importing, exporting, shipping and banking.  Develop a strong foundation of international trade finance with exposure to foreign exchange markets, exchange rates, interest rates and currency swaps.  This manager leads a corporate marketing strategy by understanding a culture’s impact on international trade thus formulating market research programs, surveys and plans, to promote brands that meet a company’s objectives.

Perform strategic internal and external analysis of an organization and recognize how to shape its global strategy.   Breakdown and perform a competitive audit and asses obtainable international markets.  Organize a global business plan, matching the organization’s current situation with realistic opportunities in the international marketplace and forecasting the risks involved.

The individuals seeking this certification are senior level career professionals or individuals seeking to attain senior-level management positions in their organization.

Certified International Trade Manager® (CITM) Knowledge Requirements PDF

Certification: Senior Advanced

Certification Examination:  Six Hour Proctored Examination

Certified International Trade Manager® (CITM) Exam Cost: $560.00


What is the process for taking the (CITM) exam?

1) Participate in Preparation Training /or/ Study Knowledge Requirements

2) Locate a Proctor

3) Fill Out Test Site Application

4) Make Exam Payment

5) Prepare for Exam

6) After Successfully Passing Your (CITM) Exam

The requirements for keeping your certification current are earning (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) before your Certification Expiration date.  You must complete (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) every Five (5) years. Read more about CEUs here.

(CITM) Exam: $560.00
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