Certified U.S. Import Professional® (CUSIP)

Demonstrates import compliance proficiency, specifically with U.S. Government import rules, regulations and processes required as an import professional overseeing the movement of goods into the U.S.

Focuses on import transaction compliance that cover documentation, configurations, specific legal requirements and duties. Emphasizes the responsibility and advantages to understand and comply with U.S. Customs regulations. Demonstrates a working knowledge of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and commonly used trade terms with international sales contracts, through shorthand definitions, Incoterms 2010®, universal in the exporting and importing industry. The individual seeking this certification will earn a practical real-world industry application to help secure a position as an industry certified import professional.

Certified U.S. Import Professional® (CUSIP) Knowledge Requirements PDF

Certification: Senior Experienced – Import Compliance

Certification Examination: Two-Hour Proctored Examination

Certified U.S. Import Professional® (CUSIP) Exam Cost: $285.00


What is the process for taking the (CUSIP) exam?

1) Participate in Preparation Training /or/ Study Knowledge Requirements

2) Locate a Proctor

3) Fill Out Test Site Application

4) Make Exam Payment

5) Prepare for Exam

6) After Successfully Passing Your (CUSIP) Exam

The requirements for keeping your certification current are earning (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) before your Certification Expiration date.  You must complete (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) every year. Read more about CEUs here.

(CUSIP) Exam: $285.00
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