CEU Application and Payment

Important Notes - Please read carefully.

1) You must complete 10 CEUs and have documentation of 10 CEUs in order to fill out CEU Application and complete payment. Do not submit CEU Applications that are incomplete or contain less than 10 CEUs. We verify all CEUs that are listed on your CEU Application. One event/seminar will not satisfy your requirements. Only fill out this form if you have met your requirements for your Certification Renewal. Any falsifying of information on this document can and will lead to immediate removal of your Certification and will revoke your Certification status and standing.

2) Not sure if you have reached your requirement? Please see the CEU Guidelines. This form is only intended for Option B.  Gather all documentation for your Seminars/Conferences/Training and use your best judgement before you submit your CEU Application. 

3) Application and documentation review may take up to 30 (business) days. Applicants that meet requirements will be issued a Certification extension document and official letter. CEU renewal is based on the date of receipt of the application.



STEP 1 - CEU Application

After successful completion of 10 CEUs, fill out this form:

Secure Google CEU Application Link


STEP 2 - Application Payment

CEU Application Payment
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STEP 3 - Application Documentation

After you have submitted your application an automatic-reply email will be sent to you to provide documentation for the events, seminars, webinars, or other training that you have completed. This is crucial that this information can be verified with this documentation, such as the itenerary page from the event, a successful completion certificate, or other means. If you fail to submit at least one page of documentation from each event, those events will not be counted towards your CEU renewal requirements.


STEP 4 - Application Processing

IIEI Certification may take up to 30 (business) days to review your application and documentation. The date of receipt by IIEI Certification is the day that counts for CEU credit. CEU Reviews may take longer than expected due to amount being processed that given week. Please be patient, if we have questions on your submission or an update on your submission, we will contact you.


STEP 5 - Certification Renewal

 If you have met the requirements for your CEUs we will send out an extended Certification document along with an official letter stating that your Certification has been renewed.