CEU Guidelines from IIEI Certification

The requirements for keeping your certification current are earning (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) throughout the coming year.

Please note that this is an annual requirement for the IIEI Certifications below:

Certified U.S. Import Professional® (CUSIP)
Certified U.S. Import Compliance Officer® (CUSICO)
Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer® (CUSECO)
Certified ITAR Professional® (CIP)

For the following IIEI Certifications you must complete (10) ten Continuing Education Units (CEU’s / CEUs) every Five (5) years.

Certified Exporter® (CE)
Certified International Freight Forwarder® (CIFF)
Certified International Trade Finance Specialist® (CITFS)
Certified International Trade Documentation Specialist® (CITDS)
Certified International Trade Logistics Specialist® (CITLS)
Certified International Trade Professional® (CITP)
Certified International Trade Marketing Specialist (CITMS)
Certified International Trade Manager ® (CITM)

Below you will find options for obtaining your CEU’s.

OPTION A: Enroll in a DSU Eligible Course

Registering for any compliance related course from The International Import-Export Institute at Dunlap-Stone University and passing the class will extend your certification by meeting the ten (10) CEU requirement. DSU Advisors can provide you with information on these courses and more.

6 week online class = 10 CEU’s
3 week online class = 5 CEU’s

OPTION B: Submit Approved Training & Conferences for CEU’s

Plan to attend a number of conferences and training seminars this year? If so, you may complete the CEU Application ($25 processing fee will apply) with proof of attendance to any of the approved training / seminars listed below.

**Note: Keep a CEU file that contains all of the training you received throughout the year, then submit. If you have questions on seminars not listed, contact IIEI Certification for validation of the training.

General Guideline for CEU’s:

Length Total / CEU’s

1-2 Hour (In person or Webinar) / 0.5 CEUs

2-4 Hour (In person or Webinar) / 1 CEUs

1 Day (5+ Hours) / 2 CEUs

2 Day / 3 CEUs

3 Day / 4.5 CEUs


There is no restriction as to the number of CEUs that can be earned in trade compliance related Webinars. However, the provider of the Webinar must provide you with proof of attendance, showing that you signed up for and completed (attended) the whole Webinar. Before you sign up for a trade compliance Webinar, you should ask the Webinar provider as to whether they provide verification of attendance at the end of the Webinar. Simply signing up for a Webinar without this proof has no value in gaining you CEUs.