IIEI Certification staff is comprised full time employees who orchestrate and support the volunteer organization. The composition of the various volunteer advisory committees change as new members volunteer their time and as existing members exit. Committee volunteers devote their entire effort to the discussion of and establishment of international trade best practices and standards.

The IIEI Certification Board is commissioned to award industry certification in compliance with the bylaws of the corporation, International Trade Certification Authority, Inc. (ITCA), an Arizona corporation. ITCA operates the certification test publishing and test administration program under the trade name IIEI Certification.

The Volunteer Committees address a broad range of international trade topics.

  • general international trade
  • import
  • customs
  • freight forwarding
  • logistics
  • business management
  • documentation
  • regional and cultural topics
  • general export
  • export compliance
  • marketing
  • finance
  • project management
  • business law
  • ethics
  • global supply chain issues

IIEI Certification’s Volunteer Organization

The volunteer outreach program was created for a single purpose: To enable everyone in governments and organizations worldwide to participate openly and freely in voicing their opinions on the global standards for the IIEI Certification program. IIEI Certification relies heavily on their contribution in the testing and standard setting process.

ISO Standard 17024

IIEI Certification voluntarily meets the American National Standards Institute’s published ANSI Standard 17024 for a professional certifying organization that is independent of those who train individuals for examination

IIEI Certification also meets INTERNATIONAL ANSI/ISO/IEC STANDARD 17024 Conformity assessment — General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

The IIEI Certification program is not ANSI accredited.

IIEI Certification is independently owned and operated by International Trade Certification Authority, Inc.