Individual Recognition

It is the participation of thousands of individuals–volunteers, training organization’s students and supporters within the markets we serve worldwide–who have determined that we bring value to the marketplace. It is through the recognition and continued support of individuals, companies and nations for more than 20 years that IIEI Certification has become the accepted certification standard setting authority to the international trade industry worldwide. Validation of our value across the industry we serve is demonstrated daily through:

  • Job postings that require or prefer one of IIEI Certifications credentials.
  • Employers that require one or more of the IIEI Certification’s as part of their HR directed career path for advancement.
  • Students who sign up for classes with one of our approved Providers in countries worldwide in preparation for sitting for an IIEI Certification examination.
  • People who earn and promote their IIEI Certification status on their resumes, in their online bios and in their companies’ newsletters.
  • Schools and training organizations in the U.S. and around the world that have chosen to offer training in support of IIEI Certification standards.
  • Referrals between co-workers and amongst companies in the global supply chain denoting the value of various IIEI Certifications.

Global Recognition

Recognized the world over as a credible international trade certification standards authority, IIEI Certification is pleased to have the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) applaud our efforts to bring our “One World, One Standard” certification regimen to nations and individuals throughout the world. Many thousands of people have participated in the certification examinations since 1995 and the number is rapidly growing every year. IIEI Certification is honored to have our international trade certification standard program gain this strong acceptance and appreciation in the industry we serve.

U.S. Department of Commerce Letter (PDF)*

As a result of the US Government’s early recognition of the value of its offerings, IIEI Certification’s standards become the accepted professional standards for the intentional trade industry worldwide.


Disclaimer: It is important to note that by law U.S. Government agencies do not endorse or recommend any one company or service over another. The letter from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Under Secretary Neal Burnham above, does, however, does extend DOC recognition of IIEI Certification programs, noting the important need that such an international trade certification fills for individuals and entire nations.

* The General Counsel’s Office of the Department of Commerce validated the authenticity of the undated DOC 2004 letter from Asst. Sec. Neal Burnham in July 2011 Contrary to gossip, the DOC has no actions or cease and desist orders pending against IIEI Certification.