So you are ready to get industry certified. Great! You will be joining many thousands of individuals worldwide who have made that same choice.  Here is a simple process you will follow.

1) The first step is to decide which Certification is right for you.

2) Next you will need to decide if you wish to receive preparation training from one of our Training Providers to help you prepare for the exam, or if you want to study the knowledge requirements on your own.

3) Next depending on your location you will need to seek out an impartial third party proctor and/or testing center. All approved providers can proctor your test. It is the responsibility of the examinee to pay any proctor fees for their chosen test site. You must take the Exam in a controlled environment. Some examples include but are not limited to; local colleges, testing centers, or even your HR Department. We must have a contact email as well as phone number for your Proctor/Test Site Location. Our staff will work closely with them as we move toward your testing day.

4) After you have located a proctor you will need to fill out the Test Site Application no later than 30 days before your Exam date, as well as make your Exam Payment.

5) Using your Test Site Application information we will send an email to you (the examinee) as well as your proctor 5-10 days before the exam.

6) Depending on your location we will ship the exam to the proctor so it arrives a few days before the exam date. If the exam is online, we will provide directions under separate email to you and the proctor.

7) On the Exam day your proctor will have you take the exam in a quiet and secure controlled environment. Your proctor will photo-copy your acceptable form of I.D. After you have completed the exam your proctor will ship it back to our Testing department.

8) Once you have successfully passed the exam, we will send your official documentation through the USPS mail.

9) You then will be responsible on submitting 10 CEUs either annually or every five years, whichever is required for your particular designation.