Training Providers of IIEI Certification Programs:

IIEI Certification does not provide training for the exams it offers. It relies on others to provide this service. People can self-study for the exams or gain assistance from a vendor of their choice to help them prepare for their test. There is no requirement that anyone obtain training before sitting for their exam.

The various examinations for the different certifications are challenging. They each have specific detailed knowledge requirements. Organization that align their training with the knowledge base requirements are most effective in preparing their students to successfully pass the exams. As a service to industry, IIEI Certification provides a vetting service to training organizations worldwide to validate their training regimen to be in alignment with the knowledge tested on the various industry exams.

Validated Credentials

The organizations listed have demonstrated to IIEI Certification that they are properly licensed in the country in which they operate and have proven they are credible providers of training that is adequate to meet the learning outcomes and objectives necessary for their students to pass the various certifications for which IIEI Certification has approved that organization.


The greatest assurance of success in passing any IIEI Certification examination is achieved by selecting a training organization that has aligned its training practices with the industry standards measured on IIEI Certification’s various examinations. Below is a list of independent training organizations that have met the requirements to be labeled “IIEI Certification Approved”.

IIEI Certification takes no responsibility assumes no liability or assumes no risk whatsoever for the appropriateness of training or for the business practices or performance or merchantability of any of the services of the organizations shown.

Levels of IIEI Certification Training Providers

  • Approved Providers (APs)
  • Compliance Approved Providers (CAPs)
  • Master Approved Providers (MAPs)

Providers of Training for IIEI Certification Examinations:

IIEI Certification welcomes and supports all government agencies, colleges, universities, training organizations and others worldwide that educate to the published standards. Email us for details on how your organization can gain Approved status. At

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