Welcome to IIEI Certification

IIEI Certification is an unbiased, independent standard-setting certification authority and testing organization serving the international trade industry worldwide. It is solely responsible for the development, validation, maintenance and administration of a wide variety of proficiency examinations offered to individuals within the international trade industry. It does not provide training or examination preparation for the tests it offers. It works in tandem with training organizations worldwide who prepare individuals to sit for the examinations.

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Why Get Certified?

It demonstrates that the individual meets the current specific International Trade Industry Standard

  • For over 22 years, IIEI Certification has been the industry accepted standard bearer, working closely with industry leaders, academic scholars and testing experts to set the standards and measure the competency of those who are certified
  • Proficiency standards set by IIEI Certification  are important to companies and individuals wanting to validate they posses the requisite up-to-date skills and knowledge needed in the global marketplace today
  • The industries we serve rely on IIEI Certification to be the "Gate Keeper" for entry into the profession, requiring job candidates to posses specific certifications before hiring

Benefits for Companies that invest in their employees

  • Aids companies in screening job applications to ensure they are competent over specific trade related knowledge and skills
  • Demonstrate due-diligence in training and proficiency to investigators
  • Reduce fines, penalties and audit risk
  • Minimize company liability
  • Protect shareholder value
  • Support national security initiatives and requirements

Benefits for Individuals that invest in IIEI Certification

  • Learn beneficial trade concepts required to earn industry certification
  • Certification allows individuals entry into companies that require certification as a condidion for employment
  • Communicate with trade peers more easily and effectively
  • Build professional credentials and status
  • Differentiate yourself from competition
  • Increase value to employers
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Demonstrate mastery of import and export compliance regulations
  • Understand the potential civil penalties & incarceration due to violations




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