About us


IIEI Certification is an unbiased, independent standard-setting certification authority and testing organization serving the international trade industry worldwide. It is solely responsible for the development, validation, maintenance and administration of a wide variety of proficiency examinations offered to individuals within the international trade industry. It does not provide training or examination preparation for the tests it offers. It works in tandem with training organizations worldwide who prepare individuals to sit for the examinations.

IIEI Certification’s Advocacy Role

The cornerstone of the IIEI Certification programs are the volunteers around the world who participate in the process of standards development and assessment, donating their time and expertise. Our volunteers help ensure that the baseline knowledge requirements reflect “best practices” for any certification and continually meet the current needs of industry. (See Committees for current volunteers.)

With backgrounds in education, assessment, and international trade, IIEI Certification’s professional staff strives to impartially translate volunteers’ expert opinions into the global standards. Because of this dual-emphasis on practice and outcomes-driven assessment, IIEI Certification has gained acceptance globally. The organization’s advocacy role aslo means that it has worked closely with other NGOs and governments around the world to make trade safer by disseminating “best practices” and bringing standardization to trade practices and policies.

Each of the industry certification standards published on this web site reflect the latest changes developed in tandem with volunteers and are available free of charge to all governments, colleges, universities and training organizations throughout the world. Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers over the years, the global standards here have been utilized by a range of organizations and institutions.

IIEI Certification is independently owned and operated by International Trade Certification Authority, Inc., a unbiased, non-government organization with no direct involvement in the industry for which it sets the standards and maintains the public trust.


As a member of the American National Standards Institute, IIEI Certification voluntarily subscribes to ANSI/NOCA Standard 1100 and the ISO global standards organizations’ requirements for certifying persons – INTERNATIONAL ANSI/ISO/IEC STANDARD 17024 Conformity assessment — General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. The IIEI Certification program is not accredited by ANSI, thus it has not validated IIEI Certification’s conformity to the standards.