The industry supported and accepted worldwide certification standard organization for international trade , IIEI Certification, is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

IIEI Certification Standards

The international trade industry certification standards shown here are based on years of recommendations of “best practices” and knowledge requirements as suggested by numerous volunteers and supporters in government, industry and academia around the world The standards are published on this web site and are available free of charge to all governments, colleges, universities and training organizations globally. Thanks to these supporters and volunteer’s efforts, IIEI Certification’s global standards for international trade professionals are recognized globally.

Since the certification program’s inception in the early 1990s, the knowledge requirements have evolved significantly. However, the basic scientific process for setting and maintaining the standards remains the same. It involves having the volunteer panels of experts from industry, academia and governments provide guidance on the knowledge content, best practices and the proficiency standards and from these they make recommendations. IIEI Certification’s staff use the recommendations as the firm basis for its certification program.

IIEI Certification delivers an unbiased testing assessment based on industry knowledge, independent from any school’s training courses or other exam preparation providers. Specifically, it offers a variety of specialized certification examinations to demonstrate knowledge mastery in more than a dozen certification offerings through more than participating colleges, universities and training centers worldwide.

HOW DO I GET CERTIFIED: A person holding any IIEI Certification will have satisfactorily passed an appropriate proctored examination to demonstrate mastery of knowledge requirements and code of ethics established by global expert volunteers. Contact any Approved Provider organization or ask your college, university or training organization to become an Approved Provider. Have them contact us.

WHO CAN SIT FOR AN EXAM: Although any individual worldwide is eligible to take any IIEI Certification examination with or without taking any examination preparation training courses through any affiliated testing center, those who take exam preparation training from an approved training center stand the greatest chance of passing the challenging exams.*

Certification with Honors Award Program

The honors award program criteria mandates attaining a minimum of 95% score on the examination for any of IIEI Certification to be awarded this distinction. All Certification with Honors Award Program recipients will receive a distinctive notation on their certification certificate and letter of recognition.

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In addition to passing a certification examination, certain certifications may require:

  • Verifiable industry experience (for select certifications)
  • In some countries, individuals must complete the requisite course of study from an Approved Provider within that country to qualify to sit for an examination
  • Adherence to industry code of ethics is required of all certification holders


IIEI Certification is an independent certification testing organization owned by International Trade Certification Authority, Inc. It is not part of any school or training organization. It is a test development and publishing business recognized for its international trade certification programs in use around the world. It does not provide training for the certification tests it offers industry. It relies upon training from universities, colleges and training centers throughout the world to prepare test takers.